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Timothy Knight


Semi-retired and operating his own business consulting and marketing business, Mr Knight brings 25 years of business development experience to the Fraser Valley Reegional Association (FVRA).

Having been a Director of the FVRA since 2019, and the acting-president of the Fraser Valley PPC EDA during the 2021 general election, he understands the winning strategies of teamwork and leadership through acts of service.

Mr Knight is also active in executive business consulting and offers professional support for a number of grassroots organizations in Fraser Valley. His consulting business byline sums his approach to recent developments in the local and national economy, "A 'new normal' small business 'mandate' for the 'great reset' in a 'post-nation state' can be a model for success."

His business philosophy is simple, "be innocent as doves but as cunning as serpents".

photo credit: Robert Farquhar.

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