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  • … growing. Growing. GROWING!

    Kevin Sinclair, PPC candidate of record for Abbotsford Abbotsford BC - Aug 10, 2022 If you think the significant growth of the Peoples Party of Canada is just a passing fad, think again! After leapfrogging the Green Party in the 2021 federal election, we are just one hurdle away from replacing the NDP as the party exercising the balance of power in Ottawa. Our common sense policies would then be shaping political discourse and positively affecting the direction of our nation. Got your attention? First of all, thank you to everyone responsible for getting the “People’s” Party where we are today! By becoming members, volunteering, donating, displaying lawn signs, sharing our social media posts, and learning and sharing our policies, we are now on the main stage ready for the next big step. Despite being demonized and ignored by the mainstream media - and with most of Canada unaware of our platform - we experienced exponential growth locally and nationally during the last election because of you. For example, in Abbotsford, BC the People’s Party rose from 2% to 7.4% of the vote count while the Green Party dropped from 7.5% to 3.4%. That’s impressive! Added to our exponential growth nationally and locally are two significant outcomes: The Party was reimbursed 50% of its 2021 campaign expenses by Elections Canada, enabling the national head office to hire new staff, building the increased capacity, infrastructure and readiness of the party to succeed in the next election, whenever that may be. Secondly, our leader and platform architect, Maxime Bernier, secured a national audience in the next leaders' debates where many Canadians will hear our policies articulated with passion and conviction for the first time and will be able to make informed decisions before voting with confidence on who best represents their interests – finally, a real debate! Our mission is simple: to provide Canadians with a principled alternative to the establishment parties, which rely on polls, pandering and vote-buying schemes to further their interests and those of lobbyists, rather than those of the people. Our platform (1) is established on four core principles: FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT. We offer compelling solutions to the challenges our country faces. We are the only party with a serious plan, in fact, a blueprint (2) to put Canada back on the rails to regain our sovereignty, prosperity and freedom. If you are not a member yet please sign up here. Come out on August 16th and meet the team and hear how you can play a role in a dynamic, vibrant and growing movement. The change we desire involves all of us being that change. Our future is collectively in our hands. Hope to see you there! 1 2 [ED: Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.]

  • Irrational Fears, Delusional Remedies

    Rob Bogunovic (2019 & 2021 PPC Candidate for Chilliwack-Hope) Chilliwack, August 7, 2022 Politics used to be about policy debates and rival visions for the future, but today something has shifted. Today’s political arena is littered with irrational fears which are being exploited to promote delusional remedies. This has made a great many hysterical, and partisan politics has invaded almost every sector of our society. A new hegemony has taken hold, one so powerful that it has become taboo to even point out its existence. One of the most obvious examples is the belief that climate change is an existential threat to all humanity. Climates do change, but the current narrative has people believing that slightly warmer temperatures a hundred years from now are going to doom the planet. The narrative also insists that the world is already suffering the harms of rising temperatures due to the burning of fossil fuels. The idea that humanity has impacted the climate is not controversial. The clearing of forests will affect the rate of precipitation, alter the earth’s albedo, and change the way the land absorbs and converts energy. Deforestation contributes to droughts, soil-erosion, affects wind velocity, and imposes numerous other effects upon the weather. We have known this for generations, yet our modern “experts” now blame CO2 for all these effects. According to NASA, CO2 is greening the earth. People call CO2 pollution, but it’s basically plant food. The alarmists claim that sea levels are rising and the rate is accelerating, but tide gauges don’t tend to support this second assertion. At Vancouver, the rate of rise has been steady for a century, and the rate is 0.3 mm/year. That means Vancouver will likely experience 3 cm of sea level rise in a hundred years. Alarmist propaganda has created numerous images of the Statue of Liberty under water, but the rate of rise in New York is 2.8 mm/year, and at that rate it will take over 10,000 years for saltwater to touch the foot of the Statue of Liberty. Erratic weather is going to kill us – and is already killing us – and we’re supposed to completely ignore the fact that global climate-related deaths are down to 1/20th what they were a century ago. Per-capita, the death rate is 1/80th what it was a hundred years ago. Back in 2005, UN experts declared that we would have 50 million climate refugees by 2010, yet when 2010 arrived, there were just 7.2 million refugees in the world, and almost all of them were refugees of war. The largest share of them were Palestinians, 700,000 of whom were displaced in 1948. Denied citizenship in all the Muslim nations where they sought refuge, the number of Palestinian refugees has risen to over 4.7 million due to the birth of children and grandchildren within their camps. By way of solutions the alarmists demand that we get the world off fossil fuels ASAP, and they don’t seem to care that this will raise the cost of energy globally while simultaneously crippling agricultural production. The effect would be the death of hundreds-of-millions of people. The policies promoted by alarmists are significantly more dangerous than the climate change they seek to avoid. Another narrative claims that systemic racism is ubiquitous in all our institutions and that cops are hunting BIPOCs in the streets. We are to believe that cops are deliberately murdering poor innocent souls for absolutely no reason other than the racial hate these cops carry in their hearts. Systemic racism is the only explanation Leftists allow to explain the over-representation of certain demographics within our justice systems. Advance any other explanation and you’ll to be denounced as a racist oppressor who needs to be oppressed – and they’ll never tell you how many oppressive acts against the oppressor it will take before the oppressor becomes oppressed. Our current overlords pretend that Canada has a serious problem with white supremacy ideologies manifesting everywhere. This is regarded as a great threat – almost equal to the threat of climate change which - we are told - is also racist and sexist because … reasons. Racism is even more dangerous than Covid-19, which is why all the established authorities endorsed people attending large BLM protests during the 2020 pandemic. Observing what unfolded in the wake of George Floyd, one might assume that the delusional remedies being pursued by the Left involve looting and rioting and burning city blocks to the ground whilst untold millions are illicitly funnelled into the pockets of BLM founders and the DNC – but that was mostly an American phenomenon, and it was all “mostly peaceful”. When the rage subsides, the remedies evolve into affirmative action campaigns, mandated training in implicit biases, inclusion, and diversity, and calls to defund the police. Leftists also deride white people for their fragility and advocate differential sentencing and early release where race is the primary consideration. They also propose new media censorship laws to ban hate speech – which is broadly understood to be any speech that Leftists hate. Canada’s Liberal government is now qualifying and regulating journalism, empowering the CRTC to regulate social media, and promising even more funding to the CBC and other news outlets who faithfully regurgitated their favoured narratives. All this is done under the pretext of fighting back against “misinformation” and “disinformation” whilst preserving a “free” press that is anything but free. When Covid-19 burst into the news cycle back in March 2020, people reacted like it was the new Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, even though the numbers out of Italy told us it was more akin to the Hong Kong Flu of 68/69 – a flu so devastating that no one even thought to cancel Woodstock. To save us from Covid, we social distanced six feet while obsessively sanitizing everything except for the subway cars in New York City when it was the epicentre of the North American outbreak. We shut down all social gatherings, closed schools and churches, and restricted travel. Many jurisdictions shoved Covid positive patients into care homes so that the most vulnerable members of our society would be immediately exposed. We cancelled surgeries and cancer screenings and urged people to stay indoors and severely limit their social circles, and we put police tape around playgrounds. We were advised not to wear masks, then told we should wear them – that “my mask protects you and your mask protects me”. Then we were mandated to wear them, and when mandates finally lifted, some among us continued wearing them for their own protection, and we were advised not to laugh. We banned Ivermectin, “debunked” the idea that vitamin D was helpful in reducing risk, and mandated a “vaccine” that was “safe and effective”. Then they started pushing boosters because vaccine immunity waned rapidly, so it turns out the “vaccines” weren’t very effective, or even very good at stopping the spread of Covid, and if we had simply mailed people vitamin D (with instructions on how much to take), it would likely have been vastly more effective than any of the measures we adopted, yet no level of government has ever presented us with a cost-benefit analysis for all the destructive policies they imposed on us while ignoring our constitution. We are told that Canada is still a free and democratic country, that men can become women and women can become men, that abortion saves lives, bugs are delicious, repression is progressive, censorship is tolerance, your silence is violence, and “the science” must never be questioned – ever. We are supposed to follow the science as the science follows the money, and we watch in silence as the “Great Consolidation” accelerates the transfer of wealth and power from the middle class to an oligarchical elite. Powerful narratives are being built upon irrational fears, and all the proposed remedies appear suspiciously calibrated to erode the very foundations of Western civilization. I’m not sure what it will take to effectively push back against the new hegemony infesting all our institutions. The forces arrayed against rationality are immensely powerful. Public education, the courts, some churches, major corporations, media conglomerates, and tech giants are all colluding to advance delusion and confusion. What I do know is that we can’t win if we continue employing the same strategies that have gotten us in this predicament in the first place. The Conservatives have been tepid opponents to these irrational “progressives”. They mollify and meander, and their occasional victories merely stall the advance of the narratives that war against reality and impoverish us all. Take any progressive narrative from twenty years ago and you’ll find most “conservatives” paying them lip-service today. Political correctness boxes them in, and rather than lead, they are led by polls. They shift their platforms, and don’t even notice how badly they have drifted. I support the People’s Party of Canada because it offers a real opposition. At the launching of our party, we declared war on political correctness. Since the beginning we have sought to expose error, confront lies, and change minds. We can win, but only if like minds join us in the struggle. So many of the other parties are pitching poll-friendly fantasies. We proclaim what we know to be true – believing that truth is what sets us free – every one of us. --- Rob Bogunovic, Vice President, Fraser Valley Regional Association Having been a teacher in Chilliwack for more than 20 years, Rob's vast knowledge of history and social sciences made him a formidable debater during the federal election campaigns of 2019 and 2021 as the PPC Candidate for Chilliwack-Hope. Now, stepping into a mentorship role for the Fraser Valley Regional Association, Rob will continue to offer his well-prepared and worldly wise style of leadership and service to the community and future Fraser Region candidates. Email Rob at:

  • It's Not Just the Econmomy

    Reprinted from The PPC Newsletter - July 29, 2022 We all want more prosperity, because a dynamic and wealth-creating economy is how we can afford to pay for everything. And that’s why good economic policies are a key part of the PPC’s platform. But that’s not all there is in life. It’s not just the economy. We also need to live in a secure and stable society where our identity and way of life are preserved. But Trudeau’s mass immigration policies are transforming our country at a maddening pace and threatening social cohesion. I disagree that it’s good for our economy. But even if it were, what’s the point if we become a “post-national” society unable to integrate its immigrants and divided along tribal lines? Wokism is taking over every institution, from the media to cultural and educational institutions, government agencies, and even the courts and businesses. Policies based on racial and gender identities are being implemented everywhere. Our country’s history is being denigrated as genocidal. Everything associated with Western civilization is being downgraded as “white supremacy.” Our children are being taught that they should feel guilty if they are white, or feel like helpless victims is they aren’t. They’re being deliberately confused about their identity by radical gender ideology. And the legacy media are feeding us this crazy far left nonsense every day. It’s fine being prosperous, but if we only focus on the economy, we’re going to lose everything else that made Canada one of the best countries in the world where to live! The People’s Party IS THE ONLY PARTY raising these other issues in Ottawa. That’s why it’s so important for the future of our country that we continue to grow. Please help us continue to grow and be better equipped to fight all this woke nonsense with a $20 donation today! Many thanks, -Max ------------------------- [ED: Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.] Subscribe to our free newsletter if you haven't done yet!

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  • Your Team | Fraser Valley PPC

    Meet Kevin Sinclair and the Fraser Valley PPC EDA INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS and RESPECT Kevin Sinclair is a truck driver/driver trainer at Nutriva Group in Abbotsford, B.C., a Fraser Valley agri-business focused on “making a difference for the common good”. ​ He is also a part-time student at the University of the Fraser Valley, currently in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Political Science. ​ Kevin is well known in Abbotsford for his wildlife protection advocacy , which culminated with petition e-3459 in 2021, calling on Members of Parliament to place toxic lead shotgun shell ammunition on the Virtual Elimination List under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA 1999). His desire to enter politics grew out of a passion to see the next generation inherit a more free and prosperous country than what we are all currently experiencing. ​ He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, playing golf, reading and volunteering at the Stream, a faith-based ministry dedicated to providing an encouraging word, a listening ear and a meal to at-risk people in Abbotsford’s downtown core. ​ Kevin is honoured to stand with Maxime Bernier and the PPC to present, with passion and conviction, common-sense solutions for Canadians devised from the Party's core principles. Last Name Email Type your message here... Thank you for submitting! Submit JOIN THE CAMPAIGN Watch The Latest News From Max

  • Community | Fraser Valley PPC

    COMING EVENTS PPC National Event Schedule JOIN MAXIME BERNIER! ​ Kevin Sinclair , Abbotsford Nick Csaszar , Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon Rob Bogunovic , Chilliwack-Hope Maxime Bernier this August 16th during Max's Summer Southern BC Tour! RSVP TODAY! Fraser Valley Event Schedule Aug 15, 7pm Meet n Greet Tim Horton's @ Chilliwack Mon, Sept 19, 1:00 PM Electoral Boundaries Commission: Hope BC Mon, Sept 19, 7:00 PM Electoral Boundaries Commission: Chilliwack BC Mon, Sept 20, 7:00 PM Electoral Boundaries Commission: Abbotsford BC MONTHLY UPDATE Canada Day in Hope-Yarrow Photo story here. The Fraser Valley Freedom Rally ​hosted a gathering of like minds at Pioneer Park in Yarrow on Canada Day. A parade of folks in the eastern Fraser Valley marshalled outside Rolly's restaurant in Hope and joined the Canada Day event in Pioneer Park. ​ Your Fraser Valley PPC participated as an invited guest. Aug. 3, 2022 NORTH DELTA REPORTER The Parole Board of Canada granted Mukhtiar Singh Panghali day parole for six months Aug. 3, 2022 THE ABBOTSFORD NEWS VIDEO: Illegal parking at Cultus Lake causes problems for first responders VALLEY POLITICS MAX MINUTES Subscribe for Updates Please provide your email. I agree to the terms & conditions View terms of use Subscribe Thank you for your support! STAY CONNECTED

  • Nick Csaszar

    < Back Nick Csaszar Candidate of record, Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon Nick is a founding member of the People's Party of Canada. He also ran as a PPC candidate in the 2019 general election. Nick has extensive private-sector experience, ranging from logistics to cost control, negotiations, mediation and conflict resolution. This is backed up by a lifetime of community service through several service organizations and initiatives. Nick been a resident of Mission since 1978. He know the people and the landscape well.

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