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When Is A Court Case "Moot"?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Chilliwack - September 28, 2022

Elizabeth Drocholl, Candidate Applicant for Chilliwack-Hope

An issue you may or may not be aware of is the federal government wants to dismiss a number of court cases, saying they are “moot.”

This started in the Fall of 2021, when federal public servants who had chosen not to attest to their medical health status or who declared their medical health status was different than the mandates of the government, were allowed to return to work. This matter returned to the courts and the injunction was denied since it was no longer considered to be relevant.

This court case is continuing and the government has filed a motion to declare the application a moot point. The application is to deem the policy of requiring federal employees to be vaccinated as unconstitutional. The hearing has been rescheduled to the end of October.

Recently we have seen this same issue with the travel mandates in Canada. The ban on travel for unvaccinated Canadians was rescinded. It is now being decided if this case should be allowed to proceed in the courts. The importance of this case to proceed is about the constitutional rights of all Canadians, regardless of their medical decisions. This fight is for all Canadians and is one the PPC is involved with for you and your children.

The timing of removing these mandates has been calculated in an attempt to have these cases dismissed.

This is concerning, since any of these mandates could then be reinstated without any repercussions. Therefore it is significant for these cases to be duly heard by the courts and to have decisions.

Another recent issue that has surfaced is the rights of our children in relation to curriculum being discussed in the schools. This material contains sexually graphic material which is presented to children as young as five years old!

I see this as an important issue since children need to be children and should not have an over sexualized agenda pushed on them. Our children do not need to see this type of material and be exposed to such graphic content. There is a local initiative to make a difference in our country for our children and to save children from viewing pornographic and obscene books at school. Please consider joining this initiative.

You may be wondering what you can do to help get the message out and what you can do. I encourage you to attend the PPC Meet and Greet events in your area to stay informed about events in your area.

We are looking for volunteers to help at events and to organize smaller events. We are looking to have groups of a few people hand out water bottles with our full Party logo and website address in local parks and public spaces. As neighbourhood-based volunteers, you will be provided with all the supplies needed and each event will be limited to two hours.

This will increase the awareness of our party and assist with educating our communities about the platform of the PPC. You can also visit the website, sign up for a Party membership and donate to our local association. We need your help to support events like this and many others.

Our goal is to have PPC candidates representing you in Ottawa as PPC MPs after the next election.

Elizabeth Drocholl, Candidate Applicant, Chilliwack-Hope


[ED: Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.]

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