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We Live in Dark Times

Reprinted from the People's Party of Canada newsletter

August 4, 2023 Gatineau QC

We live in dark times, and matters are only getting worse. The moral fiber of this country is decaying. The entire political establishment is filled with morally bankrupt career politicians. They pretend like they’re saving the world while everyday things get worse for the average citizen. All they do is pander and virtue signal to remain in power. They talk a big game, but common sense and basic morality went out the window a long time ago. If you think Canada should continue to receive 1 million new immigrants each year while our own citizens struggle to afford housing, and wait on years-long waitlists to receive basic healthcare services, you’re morally bankrupt. If you refuse to stand up for children as they are mutilated and sterilized by the leftist establishment and the woke mob, you’re morally bankrupt. If you see no issue with Canada receiving more refugees each year while the ones already here are homeless and struggling to afford food, you’re morally bankrupt. Timothy, we’ve known for years that Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are morally bankrupt. This is plain for anyone to see. But in his year since becoming leader of the fake Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre has exposed himself as no different than the rest of the elitist establishment. …Not a huge surprise considering he’s never had a real job and has been a part of the Ottawa swamp since he was 24 years old! Poilievre refuses to take a stand for basic morality. He prefers to operate within the liberal, leftists moral framing. He’s terrified of controversy and bows to the woke mob as soon as there is the slightest pushback. We saw this when he disavowed Christine Anderson as a vile racist. We saw it again during the Calgary Stampede when he disavowed a “straight pride” t-shirt. He’s not the champion that will get Canada back on track, and restore the moral fiber of our nation. For that, we need an option outside of the political establishment. We need the PPC. Cheers, - Max


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