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Chilliwack BC - September 23, 2022

Laura Gebbinck, Clean Our Schools,

Calling on all PPC supporters to help make a difference in our country for our children!

Recently Max has tweeted about the teacher in ON, the trans woodshop teacher with the prosthetic breasts, I am sure you have all seen for yourself. Max has publicly stated that he doesn’t support this culturally destructive social construct taking place in our schools across the country.

There are Municipal Elections taking place right now and soon in many municipalities across Canada. School trustee candidates NEED US to show up and volunteer to help them in their campaigns.

They need SCRUITINEERS, boots on the ground to help CLEAN OUR SCHOOLS. Every school district has been found to contain library books that could be breaking Child Protection Laws. Find out who your conservative minded candidates are for school trustees in your municipality.

Help save our children from pornographic and obscene books they have access to at school.

We HAVE A DUTY to protect our children from this material. The PPC can make a difference in our nation through these municipal-level elections (aka GRASSROOTS). Let’s make a difference while we are waiting for our federal election.

The following provinces are holding Municipal elections this year, and the campaigns have already begun in some provinces, so don’t delay, they need our help today. You do not have to live in the municipality to volunteer there.

  • BC Oct. election

  • SK (Even numbered rural Municipalities) Oct. election

  • MB Oct. election

  • ON Oct. election

  • PEI Nov. election

  • Northwest Territories (Hamlets) Dec. election

  • Nunavut (Hamlets) Dec. election


Email to volunteer your time to help like-minded candidates and to learn who to vote for, and where and when to vote!

Acting Together, Laura Gebbinck, Clean Our Schools,

PS: Please read our follow-up blog "Chilliwack School Board Trustees" where we summarize and highlight local efforts to install trustworthy School Board Trustees in Chilliwack School District #33, who will defend the rights of parents and protect children from "ideological indoctrination and sexualization by special interest groups."

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