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Sigmund Fraud: The Psychology of Marxists at the Ballot Box

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Elizabeth Drocholl, Chilliwack-Hope

Chilliwack, October 17, 2022

I am not sure if you have seen the flyer posted in the Times Columnist on October 12, 2022. This was a flyer being circulated in Victoria, BC prior to the election.

The flyer discusses the need to maximize votes in order to prevent the “right wing” from taking over (in reference to winning seats). This guide showed a way to vote twice. It gave the names of the “left wing” candidates.

It then proceeded to give additional instructions which included:

  • downloading the bar code from the voter card,

  • using the name and address of a deceased person

  • and then changing the barcode number by one numeral.

  • Voters were then instructed to only use the polling station at the University of Victoria.

The brings into question the legitimacy of the voting results. I personally find this concerning and have forwarded my concerns to Elections BC along with the images from the front page of the Times Columnist and the flyer that was being circulated.

If this type of voter fraud was encouraged in one area, there is a possibility it could have happened in other areas as well. This has the potential to have impacted the election results across BC.

I have asked for an investigation to be conducted and for an election review. I also have raised the question as to why a specific polling station was mentioned. I am very concerned there may have been collusion to defraud the voting process.

I encourage you to also raise your concerns with Elections BC and email them at: Please encourage your family and friends to express any concerns they may have.


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