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Updated: Jan 10

PPC Newsletter | October 19th, 2022

Did you see the BOMBSHELL news about the Pfizer injection last week?

There are currently ongoing covid hearings in the European Parliament.

During one of these hearings, a director of Pfizer confirmed that on release, their vaccine had not been tested for transmission of the virus!

And yet, we were told countless times by politicians, public health officials, and the media, that getting vaccinated was the key to stopping the spread of the virus.

This completely destroys the basis of the covid passports, and all other vaxx requirements!

But, of course, this isn’t a surprise to you and me.

We never accepted the official narrative approved by Big Pharma and the Trudeau government.

But this news does make you wonder, what else are they hiding?

You and I can not forget that even though most restrictions have been suspended, the fight against covid tyranny is far from over.

We must hold the corrupt politicians and Big Pharma lobbyists to account for what they did to us.

For what they did to Canadian society.

I won’t stop fighting.

Will you?




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