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One Decision Away…

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Jeff Galbraith, PPC candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Abbotsford

December 5, 2023

As we look back on our lives. We come to realize that this is so true. Every facet of our existence has always been due to this one axiom. Good, bad or indifferent our lives are a result of this one point. We may have been influenced, harassed, pressured, or coerced to make the decisions that we did, yet ultimately we still made the decisions.

Due to disillusionment, and disenfranchisement being disheartened, some have, over time, decided not to vote any longer or have never voted. This may help in understanding why we are where we are, in our country, right now.

When we have a minority turnout at the polling stations, this means that the minority are ruling the majority of eligible voters.

How is a democratic society supposed to prosper when this is the case? How is a democracy supposed to survive when eligible voters decide not to vote because results are being posted ad nauseam on election day and "political pundits" are calling an election win hours before all votes are counted?

So where do we go from here?

We start by making a decision to vote, come hell or high water decide to vote. When we decide to vote, we have our say, we make a decision to change things, for the better. We hope.

I made a decision to apply to run as a PPC candidate. I had had enough of the direction our country was headed in. I wasn't sure what the outcome was gonna be. Yet, I made the decision. And here we are!

Life is full of decisions. Every single day, every single hour, every single minute we have a decision to make and we hope it is the right one. Even if it's not, we made a decision and we learn something.

So to those reading this, if you are a PPC member, thank you thank you thank you for making that decision. For those that are not, make a decision to become a PPC member. Make a decision to volunteer for or donate to the riding association that you believe will do what's best for you and your riding association.

Make a decision on election day to shut off the media until all the polls are closed. Listen to music, listen to audiobooks, and do other distractive things to help you turn off the world for a while.

When elections are held, make a decision to have your say on whom you want to represent your interests.

Our future really is all about making decisions.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration while reading this.



Note from your PPC Fraser Valley Regional Association

  • Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.

  • Subscribe to your PPC Fraser Valley Regional Association website for updates and event notices!

  • Volunteer your valuable time and energy to local public relations efforts to raise awareness of the People's Party of Canada. We need physical help to get the message out to like-minded Canadians.

  • Donate to Restore Freedom! Effective January 1, 2023, you may donate up to $1,700 per calendar year, both at the district level and nationally, for a total maximum contribution of $3,400.


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