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My Stance on the Ukraine War

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People's Party of Canada

Ottawa - Oct 15, 2022

People often ask me about my stance on the Ukraine War.

My stance is simple.

Our priority must be to prevent a dangerous escalation of the war.

We must stop sending money and weapons to Zelenskyy and instead work with all parties to reduce tensions.

Timothy, all I want is peace, not more interventionist, regime-change wars.

This seems like a simple and obvious position, but everyone in Ottawa disagrees with me!

They all think we need to send more money, more weapons to Ukraine. They want to enforce no fly-zones. They want to escalate a war with one of the world’s nuclear power, Russia!

It’s crazy. But it’s true!

The entire political establishment is in agreement.

The Liberals, the NDP, even Neocon Pierre Poilievre.

They’re all out-of-control warhawks!

They care more about virtue signaling about foreign politics than they do about improving the lives of Canadians.

Once the PPC is in power, we won't spend your hard-earned money fighting endless wars in foreign countries.

With your help, I’ll make sure every penny will be invested in Canada.

To make this country the best in the world. As it should be.

Do you agree?

Cheers, -Max


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