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Maxime Bernier is Coming in August!

Fraser Valley PPC Regional Association, Timothy Knight, President Chilliwack, July 14, 2022

Our primary goal is as always to:

  • Support and promote Party principles, policies, and objectives

  • Raise/manage finances to support the Association and the Candidate

  • Find, select, and develop appropriate district Party MP Candidates

  • Seek out and recruit new Party members and volunteers

To increase membership we have been working hard to provide a professional website to perform as a community hub for Party members. This is one way to show members that we are committed to maintaining relationships and improving our footprint in the Fraser Valley.

We calculate that we have lost about 2/3rds of our 2021 membership due to lapsed memberships or disappointment at the local or national levels

We are addressing that right now. This event will focus on encouraging existing memebrs, motivating lapsed members, motivating new members, and inspiring supporters to talk about the PPC, to share Max, to talk to Kevin, and to tell your friends and family that their is indeed a Party that is committed to freedom, respect, fairness, and responsibility, the People's Party of Canada!

We generate operating revenue from donations, membership dues, and merchandise sales. That's it. You are our sole source of financing. So I figure that this year we'll just tell you what we think we will spend to host Max in Abbotsford during his Summer Southern BC Tour.


  • If an item piques your interest - as best you can - please donate an amount equal to the value of that item.

  • If you know two people who are not PPC Members but would be open to hearing Max and Kevin speak on current issues and the related PPC policies then commit to bring them with you.

  • If you can offer the use of a public address system or can provide sound technician services, then we want to hear from you.

  • If you operate a food truck in Abby we want to hear from you.

  • If you are St John Ambulance trained and would consider assisting with onsite medical contingencies we want to hear from you.

  • If you have a small musical band and would like 30 minutes of fame we want to hear from you.

  • If you juggle chainsaws or breathe fire we... No no no, accident insurance and liability won't cover that. Nevermind. I know. Fun police!

  • You get my meaning. We do need actual money. But your hands and feet and talking about the PPC and Max and Kevin are equally valuable.


Advertising We are planning to advertise in the five Fraser Valley newspapers at least once leading up to Max's visit. It will cost about $400 per ad per issue per paper. The projected cost to print our promotional ad once in each Fraser Valley newspaper prior to the event is about $2,000. If five memebrs donated $400 then we'd have one run of full-colour ads about 5" x 6" published immediately before the event. Five more members doing the same would give us an extra run of the same ads two weeks prior to Max's visit and increase our visibility in the region.

Liability Our liability insurance for the Rotary Stadium event last year cost $250. If five members donated $50 then we'd have insurance covered.

Literature We have three topical brochures ready for print. Print cost is about 40 cents each. A run of 1,000 brochures cost about $400. If ten members donated $40 each that would cover 1,000 brochures on one topic. Ten memebrs donating $120 each would give us 1,000 each of 3 topical brochures.

Merchandise Based on our AGM ($600) and Canada Day ($300) sales, if we see 1,000 people attend the event we guesstimate $1,800 in sales when Max comes to town. To order a production run from our prefered local printer we will place an order worth about $1,200 - 1,500. We do not markup our merchandise much because the items are about making the brand and message more visible and not about making a profit.

Outdoor Event

We are hoping to organize an outdoor event. This is the Lower Rainland or the Wet Coast in summer. So expect 40+ degree sunshine or 12 degrees and grey drizzle! Plan accordingly. Additionally, if we are able to secure a park space please bring lawn chairs and an umbrella, maybe a lunch cooler and blankies, too! The event will likely be early to late afternoon in length, so the sun will be high. But we are hoping to find a shaded area for the audience.


SUMMARY That's all I have for today. Again please donate to the event expenses. We want to triple our paid membership this year. That's the primary goal. Add to our existing strength. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

As soon as we have more to share we will update you by newsletter and this website.

Ever your pragmatic optimist, Timothy Knight, President, Fraser Valley Regional Association, representing Abbotsford, Chilliwack-Hope, and Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon

PS: Fraser Canyon, we know you are up there. We haven't forgotten you. Last year's visit with Tyler and Wes was amazing! We want to come to you for an event of your own. Get in touch with me at

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