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Leave Our Kids Alone!

July 28, 2023

Reprinted PPC Newsletter

Maxime Bernier, leader People's Party of Canada, Candidate of Record for Portage-La Prairie MB

It has become a rallying cry for parents across the country, from all faiths and backgrounds, in their stand against toxic transgender ideology.

I believe—and most parents believe—that childhood innocence must be preserved and parents should be recognized as first educators over the state.

But this simple phrase—leave our kids alone—has become controversial according to the legacy media and the leftist political establishment!

A shirt bearing the phrase was described as a “hate t-shirt” by the Canadian Press.

Justin Trudeau was caught on video explaining to Muslim parents that the normalization of transgender ideology in our schools was just a conspiracy theory pushed by the “American far-right”.

Politicians and journalists are working together to gaslight parents that protecting their kids from sexualization is somehow bigoted or that it’s not something to be concerned about, nothing more than disinformation or American propaganda.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth! The push to normalize transgenderism is dangerous and it is happening in Canadian schools across the country.

It’s now normal in this country for public schools to “socially transition” children, referring to them by different preferred names and validating their fantasies of living as the opposite sex, without permission from parents or even informing them.

A columnist in the Toronto Star recently described parents opting their children out of “Drag Queen Story Hour” events as a human rights violation!

The moral fabric of this country is decaying fast. Perversion has become common in our schools.

Childhood innocence has been discarded. Mainstream politicians—including Poilievre—are either silent or outright supportive of this degeneracy.

I have a simple message for these perverted journalists and politicians. On behalf of Canadian parents from across the country: LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

The leftist establishment is abusing their stranglehold over our society to impose their perverted values on our children. Enough is enough!

Our children are a definitive line in the sand. If they continue to try to manipulate our kids, they will feel the consequence at the ballot box!

Help me push back.

Help me end the sexualization of our children with a donation today.




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