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It's NOT A Vaccine!

Updated: Jan 10

The PPC Newsletter - September 7, 2022

At first they said all you needed was two doses.

Then it was one booster...

Then they recommended another booster every 9 months…

But every 6 months might be better…

And then last week, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization suggested that Canadians get booster shots every 3 months!

When does it end?

I'm not “antivax.” I have all of my standard immunizations.

But are we just going to pretend these covid jabs are like the vaccines we grew up with?

We can't forget that the CDC in the U.S. changed the definition of vaccine to help push the covid narrative.

The truth is, this jab is experimental. And it's not working.

To put it simply, if you need to take it every three months, IT’S NOT A VACCINE.

We need voices in Ottawa pushing back on this unscientific nonsense.

I can be that voice.

But I can't do it without you.

Together, you and I can put an end to this craziness. Do your part with a DONATION today.




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