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Into the Future...

Jeff Galbraith, PPC candidate for Mission-Matsqui-Abbotsford

January 17, 2023

As I sit here and ponder on a winter's day of almost white-out conditions.

Although we don't really know what the future holds in store for us. We can only do what we deem necessary and right. I am here because as a mature, male Canadian, I am appalled and also concerned for the state of our nation. I am only one person amongst a great many patriots who are fed up and working towards the future for the sake of ourselves and our descendants. We are in this together, probably the only useful slogan taken from those that deemed to do us harm, as it is becoming more evident from updated research and whistleblowing from more concerned experts.

I and many others who have stepped up to facilitate a better Canada for all are doing so for the Freedom, Respect, Fairness and Responsibility that once reigned true from the elected representatives from times gone past.

  • Canadians deserve to have the Freedom to live their lives as they deem right for themselves and their families and not to have those Freedoms violated by those who "promised" to represent them in Ottawa or any other legislature across Canada.

  • Canadians deserve Respect via transparency and open dialogue with government representatives through various mediums. We need to move away from the name-calling and divisiveness that has been perpetuated over the last number of years. This does nothing to build the unity and cohesiveness that Canada requires to return to the glory it once held on the world stage.

  • Canadians deserve Fairness when dealing with the government over various national interests. The thing is, that what one person may deem fair may not be fair to another, so this is where reasonableness comes into play. This is why it is important that a majority rule should have and set precedents. My idea of a majority is 75% rules for matters of greater national importance, yet that is just me. This is a requirement for the Strata that I have the privilege to Chair. This 50%+1 rule leaves too much room for shenanigans to take place.

  • Canadians deserve Responsible government to take care of their national interests, not of the interests of foreign entities, lobbyists, corporations, special interest groups or any other outside influences. A smaller federal government that sees to it that all Canadians have access to proper health care information, clean drinking water, proper environmental custody, proper care of seniors and veterans, proper national security and judiciary.

The PPC platform is a great place to review our stand on all relevant national concerns and interests.

From my home to yours, thank you for your time, support, and consideration in reading this. I sincerely wish you and yours all the best in our venture Into the Future.


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