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Have You Seen This Pervert?

The PPC Newsletter - September 23, 2022

You must have seen the viral news story about the trans high school teacher in Ontario wearing inhumanely large prosthetic breasts while teaching.

This is just the latest example of how absurd Canadian society has become.

Any rational person can see this costume is completely inappropriate in any professional setting — especially amongst minors.

But the School Board refuses to do anything for fear of being sued for discriminating against this person’s “gender identity.”

Whether or not we are parents, we can’t sit idly by while the Radical Left continues to transform our schools into indoctrination centres.

That’s why I’m leading a protest this Sunday demanding that the School Board take action. If you’re able to attend, click this link to RSVP.

The PPC is the only federal party willing to speak out against these important but controversial issues.

The so-called “Conservative” party is too afraid of being bullied by the leftist media to stand up for our kids.

I’m not afraid.

That’s why I left the Conservative party to start a bold new alternative for Canadians.

A party that will always proudly stand up for Canadian values.

A party that will never shy away from standing up to the Radical Left and their woke agenda.

You can support our pushback against the Radical Left with a donation today!



PS: Please read our follow-up blog "URGENT CALL TO ACTION" where Laura Gebbinck, Clean Our Schools, details local efforts to install trustworthy School Board Trustees in Chilliwack School District #33, who will defend the rights of parents and protect children from "ideological indoctrination and sexualization by special interest groups."

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