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Updated: Jan 10

Kevin Sinclair, PPC candidate of record for Abbotsford

Abbotsford BC - Aug 10, 2022

If you think the significant growth of the Peoples Party of Canada is just a passing fad, think again! After leapfrogging the Green Party in the 2021 federal election, we are just one hurdle away from replacing the NDP as the party exercising the balance of power in Ottawa. Our common sense policies would then be shaping political discourse and positively affecting the direction of our nation.

Got your attention?

First of all, thank you to everyone responsible for getting the “People’s” Party where we are today! By becoming members, volunteering, donating, displaying lawn signs, sharing our social media posts, and learning and sharing our policies, we are now on the main stage ready for the next big step. Despite being demonized and ignored by the mainstream media - and with most of Canada unaware of our platform - we experienced exponential growth locally and nationally during the last election because of you.

For example, in Abbotsford, BC the People’s Party rose from 2% to 7.4% of the vote count while the Green Party dropped from 7.5% to 3.4%. That’s impressive!

Added to our exponential growth nationally and locally are two significant outcomes:

  1. The Party was reimbursed 50% of its 2021 campaign expenses by Elections Canada, enabling the national head office to hire new staff, building the increased capacity, infrastructure and readiness of the party to succeed in the next election, whenever that may be.

  2. Secondly, our leader and platform architect, Maxime Bernier, secured a national audience in the next leaders' debates where many Canadians will hear our policies articulated with passion and conviction for the first time and will be able to make informed decisions before voting with confidence on who best represents their interests – finally, a real debate!

Our mission is simple: to provide Canadians with a principled alternative to the establishment parties, which rely on polls, pandering and vote-buying schemes to further their interests and those of lobbyists, rather than those of the people.

Our platform (1) is established on four core principles: FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT. We offer compelling solutions to the challenges our country faces.

We are the only party with a serious plan, in fact, a blueprint (2) to put Canada back on the rails

to regain our sovereignty, prosperity and freedom.

If you are not a member yet please sign up here. Come out on August 16th and meet the team and hear how you can play a role in a dynamic, vibrant and growing movement.

The change we desire involves all of us being that change. Our future is collectively in our hands.

Hope to see you there!



[ED: Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.]

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