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Electoral Reform?

Jeff Galbraith, PPC candidate on record for Mission-Matsqui-Abbotsford

January 30, 2024

Hmmmmm... So the PM and NDP leader and his supportive crutch, Jagmeet Singh, have supposedly come to an understanding that Canada and Canadians need a different type of electoral process...what could go wrong? While I and many millions of others agree that we do need electoral reform, these two are the last ones that we feel and believe have the appropriate minds to establish such a reformation.

What we need is an electoral process that allows every duly and rightly eligible voter the right, the honour and the privilege to have a say in the governance of our nation. Here are some of my ideas to ensure a proper election of representatives:

  • One day for voting, if larger populated countries can deliver a decision in one day, there is absolutely no reason why Canada is not able to as well. We have been doing so up till now. Trudeau and Singh think three days to vote would be better.

  • One person one vote. Only allowed to vote at the polling station of your residential area. Trudeau and Singh think that voters should be able to vote at any polling station.

  • Eliminate the so-called spoiled ballot. As long as a choice is clearly identified, it is a good vote.

  • No media coverage during the election. No results are available until after all the polls close in the west. This eliminates the calling of an election and the naming of a majority or minority party. Many eligible voters in the West do not vote as a result of knowing that their vote would be "moot".

  • Provide door-to-door voting stations for senior's residences, or hospitals.

  • Trudeau and Singh feel Mail-in ballots should be made easier. Mail-in ballots leave too much room and the propensity for fake, forged, lost or missing votes. Where have we heard of this happening before?

  • Paper ballots with an encrypted bar code or serial number for auditing purposes.

  • Double-blind hand count only.

  • Random selection of 3 scrutineers to report final numbers to Elections Canada. This will eliminate the propensity to report false vote counts. Draw the names from a hat type of random selection.

  • Properly identified residents and citizens will be permitted to vote.

  • No voting privileges for international students.

  • All electioneering must be honest, respectful and responsible.

  • Only those properly identified eligible voters will be provided secured, tamper-proof mail-in ballots, if out of the country on official national business. Pre-Election day voters will still be allowed and all votes will remain sealed and protected until election day.

These are just some of my ideas for more Freedom, Respect, Responsibility and Fairness for electoral reform. I would appreciate some of your thinking and ideas to make our election process more conducive for returning our nation to the True, North, Strong and Free.

Thank you for your time and consideration in our endeavour.

I welcome any and all opportunities to meet with you and like-minded constituents. I am available Mondays-Thursdays all day.


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Why would only the Lib and NDP put forward the changes when Election Canada has the rule book...I think Election Canada could be receiving recommendations to a committee, properly debated by all elected officials and brought to we the people. The system is a farce right now. As to voting in seniors residence ...we always had a poll station at the residence I worked at for 30+ years federal and provincial - not sure for municipal... kind of think not. Thanks for the update...don't watch "news" TV - cheers Terry

Replying to

Re: senior’s residences, I wasn’t completely sure of that status, yet wanted to make sure that was a possibility.

Yes, Election Canada does have the rule book, yet here we are!

Yes, there should be a debate in the People’s House, yet as we are witnessing that doesn’t always play out.

Thank you for your response.

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