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Chilliwack School Board Trustees

Chilliwack School District #33 Board of Trustees Candidates (R to L): Elliott Friesen, Dr Darrell Furgason, Richard Procee, Heather Maahs, Kaethe Jones, Barry Neufeld, and Lewis Point.

Chilliwack - September 23, 2022

Timothy Knight, President PPC Fraser Valley Regional Association

As Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, recently wrote, "You must have seen the viral news story about the trans high school teacher in Ontario wearing inhumanely large prosthetic breasts while teaching. This is just the latest example of how absurd Canadian society has become. Any rational person can see this costume is completely inappropriate in any professional setting - especially amongst minors."

Maxime encourages members of the PPC to "pushback against the Radical Left", that the Party is "a party that will always proudly stand up for Canadian values. A party that will never shy away from standing up to the Radical Left and their woke agenda."

Just today we posted an urgent call to action by Laura Gebbinck, Clean Our Schools (Email:, wherein she identifies the great need for scrutineers to monitor the voting stations for the municipal school board trustees on election day (October 15 in Chilliwack BC).

"They need scrutineers, boots on the ground to help CLEAN OUR SCHOOLS. Every school district has been found to contain library books that could be breaking Child Protection Laws. Find out who your conservative minded candidates are for school trustees in your municipality."

Well, here are those school board candidates worthy of your vote on election day.

As is stated on their literature,

EDUCATION: It's all about the Children and their Families

"We promote academic excellence, critical thinking, parents’ rights, and the protection of students from ideological Indoctrination and sexualization by special interest groups."

Elliott Friesen

  • Works in Real Estate and construction. Father of 3 children, 2 in public schools.

  • We will promote the emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of all children equally, in an encouraging learning environment.

Barry Neufeld

  • 23 years serving students on the Chilliwack School Board.

  • We believe that school trustees exist to represent the values of their local community, not globalist ideological policies. We will ensure all voices are heard.

Lewis Point

  • Lewis is a member of the Skowkale First Nation. He graduated from Sardis Secondary School.

  • We desire an education system that prepares and educates our youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel within the challenges of the real world.

Dr Darrell Furgason

  • 40 years of teaching experience, with a PhD, focused on education

  • We believe it is the right of every parent to be involved in the education of their children, including discussing and assessing teacher resources, curricula and/or courses involving sexual practices, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Heather Maahs

  • 14 years of experience on the Chilliwack School Board

  • We will focus on more effective community representation, increase public participation, and encourage more parents to be involved in shaping School District decisions.

Richard Procee

  • Generous supporter of many community charities and organizations throughout Chilliwack. Owner of Hofstedes Country Barn

  • We will increase the teaching of business and trade skills that will equip graduates for successful future employment.

Kaethe Jones

  • 30 years of Primary teaching experience.

  • We support our hard-working dedicated teachers so that students are prepared academically for future opportunities.


Bring this list to the voting station on OCTOBER 15 and VOTE FOR ALL 7 of these candidates for School Trustee.

Help save our children from pornographic and obscene books they have access to at school. We HAVE A DUTY to protect our children from this material. The PPC can make a difference in our nation through this election, let’s make a difference while we are waiting for our federal election.

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