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Canada’s Insurance Policy

Elizabeth Drocholl, PPC Candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Chilliwack BC March 22, 2023

I had the pleasure of attending the PPC Greater Vancouver Regional Association AGM on March 18. I represented our electoral district, Chilliwack-Hope. In attendance were Yale Gibson, the Provincial Coordinator for BC, Kelly Lorenz, the Lieutenant for Western Canada and the Territories, and PPC party leader, Maxime Bernier. The event was well attended, although I will say, per capita, attendance in the Fraser Valley has been much greater.

As you can see, I was busy taking notes (I have always been very studious). If elected as the PPC MP for Chilliwack-Hope, I would work diligently for you, my constituents.

Kelly Lorenz started off the evening. Here is a summary of what he said. He talked about how we have gone through a constant state of fear for the past 2 years. He stated there will always be another crisis to create fear, BUT we can conquer fear. How do we do this? By relying on one another. The PPC (People’s Party of Canada), has your back and this party is Canada’s insurance policy, regardless of which party you support. Right now, the goal of the PPC is to obtain the balance of power in the next election. This can be done by capturing the seats of NDP ridings. Currently, nineteen of the twenty-five seats held by the NDP are in British Columbia. It is our intent to win these ridings. The PPC will work with any party, if they have some good values and ideas. In reference to the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), Kelly asked, how many times do we think we can try to put Humpty Dumpty back together? This is in reference to the fact that the CPC has been through a number of party leaders in a short time and has not been very successful. Right now the key ingredients to our success is having volunteers and donors. As a party, we are working hard to get the message out regarding the balance of power. The PPC could make an impact in Ottawa if they had this. This will take a lot of sacrifice, but everyone can help share this message.

As Maxime walked onto the stage, it was to a standing ovation for our brave and fearless leader. Maxime is also humble and stated that we are the PPC; it is not about him and we are doing this together! He mentioned the likelihood of bi-elections being held this summer, if a general election was not called. He is considering running in a riding in Southern Manitoba. In this riding, the PPC had 22% of the vote and it is likely he will be successful in gaining a seat. He is spending a great amount of time in this area to increase awareness about the PPC and it’s policies. Maxime emphasized that a vote for the PPC, is a vote for a real Conservative party and a real common sense party.

There were a number of key issues Maxime mentioned. He stated he would close the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road. There are 38,000 illegal immigrants who crossed into Canada at this point of entry in 2022! Oddly, there is an official border crossing only half a kilometer away that immigrants could enter through. However, they know they would not be accepted into Canada if they did that. These illegal immigrants cause strain on our health care, housing and employment, just to name a few. Interestingly, this border was closed as part of the protocol to address COVID-19 and the United States was not consulted. However, when asked why this entry is not closed now, Trudeau states he cannot do this without consulting the United States government, despite having closed it without consultation during COVID.

Maxime discussed the war in Ukraine and states, as a party we support peace and are the only party asking for a ceasefire. At this point, the war in Ukraine has escalated.

In relation to critical race theory, all parties supported Bill C-4, except the PPC. Maxime has spoken out about this continually. He is opposed to minors being allowed to make such life altering decisions. These decisions can lead to dependency on harmful hormone treatments and invasive surgery. It can increase confusion children have about their sexuality, it increases sterility and it also increases cases of suicide. The PPC would allow parents to speak on behalf of their children and would repeal this bill.

In discussing the establishment parties, Maxime stated they used fear to change your behavior, this past few years. Both Trudeau and Poilievre are linked with similar goals, and you cannot trust them. The establishment parties base their politics on focus groups and polls, instead of basing it on their convictions. This also means their platform continues to change.

The PPC has not changed it’s platform policies since it began. All the policies are in line with the four principles of: freedom, respect, fairness and responsibility. Maxime believes in the importance of speaking about what you believe with conviction, in order to change the popular opinion.

Strategies Moving Forward

In the past election, the PPC was not permitted to participate in the debates, since they did not have enough percentage of the vote. It had been at 4% and was changed to 5%. This meant Maxime was unable to contribute to the debates. He feels that we need to grow the party in a variety of ways. We need to use the mainstream media. Maxime is looking forward to participating in future debates. This will bring exposure to the party and the policies, via the mainstream media. The establishment politicians due not want this, since it would contribute to the growth of the PPC.

There are still many people who are not aware of the PPC and it’s policies. The candidates elected in their riding, are not doing their job and need to be held accountable. You are encouraged to contact the MP’s and discuss with them, what they could do better. In total, there are 342 ridings. It is Maxime’s goal to increase the percentage of those who vote for the PPC to 10%. There are 40% of Canadians who also do not vote. It is our goal to reach these voters. The PPC has 6% of the popular vote without publicity. Can you imagine what we could do if we had publicity? Please consider volunteering for the PPC, since the time you give is an investment in your families, your future and your country.

It was a very informative evening spent with Maxime and Kelly and I agree with the messages from both of them. We need your help. Can you volunteer even 1 hour per week? There are behind the scenes tasks we could use your help with. It is especially important to have volunteers to assist with planning and assisting with events. These are very tangible ways we can use your help. Did you realize some people do not know who Maxime Bernier is? As hard as this is to believe, it’s true! This is your party, and the more you share with family and friends and post on social media, the more awareness will increase.

Canadians need to know there is another option to represent them in Ottawa. I encourage you to go to the website: and look at the policy section, under the home tab. This will help you discuss what the party is about and help us to speak to all Canadians about our common sense platform and values. I also encourage you to attend the Meet and Greet meetings which are held once a month. This can be found under the Events section. There is a place for you to RSVP, so we are aware of the numbers that will be attending. You can also email me at: with any questions you may have. I look forward to connecting with you and meeting you.


Note from your PPC Regional Association

  • Subscribe to your PPC Fraser Valley Regional Association website for updates and event notices!

  • Volunteer your valuable time and energy to local public relations efforts to raise awareness of the People's Party of Canada. We need physical help to get the message out to like-minded Canadians.

  • Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.

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