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Advokate – Because “All” Lives Matter

Updated: Jan 10

Kevin Sinclair, Candidate of Record (PPC) for Abbotsford BC

Nov 5, 2022

I recently had the most awesome privilege of attending a Celebrate Life Gala put on by Advokate Life & Education Services here in Abbotsford. What an eye opener! I sat with 500 people in the Columbia Bible College gymnasium listening to a challenging and inspirational talk from Carol Everett, who's life story was radically changed from selling abortions on her way to becoming a millionaire, to being touched by God and now advocating for saving lives.

Did you know that Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy and that the abortion industry is big business, where currently one out of every four pregnancies in BC, for example, ends in termination? It’s precisely why organizations like Advokate are crucial in bringing hope to women and families through pregnancy counselling and resources, postpartum support, post abortion care and community education.

I’ve been told the gala event brought in over $200,000 that evening. Thank you Advokate! I just found a few new heroes in my life. I feel honored to be one of hundreds supporting your inspiring and life-giving ministry.

Likewise, I must say, I am equally honored to represent the only federal political party to unapologetically say that protecting unborn lives should not be a taboo subject in Canada and that restrictions on late term and sex selective abortions should be open for debate.

It is also worth noting that the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) appears to be the only party fighting against atrocious abuses occurring as a result of Canada’s newly revised Medical Assistance In Dying legislation (MAID).

When a Canadian Forces veteran suffering from PTSD is casually offered the option of assisted suicide instead of treatment during a conversation with an employee of Veterans Affairs Canada, we are in dangerous territory as a society and well past the slippery slope warnings!

So, whether it is promoting a debate on the merits of our country joining the civilized world, in regard to introducing some form of restrictions on abortion, or calling for immediate changes to MAID legislation, Canadians can know with certainty that the PPC will courageously stand tall and be their advocate in the political arena, because all lives matter.


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