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A Few Words After Maxime's Visit

Updated: Jan 10

Kevin Sinclair

Abbotsford, August 29, 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the Maxime Bernier events in Chilliwack and Abbotsford last week. What a great and hugely successful time!

My highlight, by far, was talking with so many of you and hearing how and why you’ve joined our vibrant and growing movement. It’s encouraging to know that the People’s Party is drawing Canadians from all walks of life; people who have never been politically involved in the past, to others who no longer feel they have a home with the other establishment parties.

For me two of Maxime's standout quotes were:

  • “We don’t do politics based on polls and focus groups, we do politics based on strong convictions.”

  • “We are a smart populist party because we appeal to people’s intellect, not their emotions. We believe Canadians are smart enough to choose what’s right for themselves.”

Our platform, as I had the privilege to share, is a blueprint to restoring Canada’s sovereignty, prosperity and freedom. A vision crafted by Maxime, a former Minister of Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for small business and tourism; also a non-career politician with a prestigious resume in law, finance and banking before entering the political arena in his forties.

Our party is growing rapidly. In just our fourth year we have leap frogged the Green Party and are now looking to do the same with the NDP. We are just one hurdle away from replacing the NDP as the party exercising the balance of power in Ottawa, with our, “putting Canadians first” policies potentially shaping political discourse and the direction of our nation – now that’s something worth fighting for!

Our next big step will be achieved by getting our important message out - how we do politics differently and how our policies deliver better outcomes for Canadians than the other parties. The more Canadians we reach with our message, the more we will keep growing. Common sense has a way of doing that.

Together we can change the direction our country is headed in, but it will take a people movement. We are hoping to build up a strong volunteer base and the finances to be ready should the Liberal/NDP marriage dissolve and trigger an election. If you haven’t already, please consider volunteering or making a donation. Purchasing/renewing memberships helps us significantly as well. Please consider what role you might play in this endeavor.

Please also feel free to reach out to me with your questions, concerns or suggestions.


Kevin Sinclair, Candidate of Record, Abbotsford


[ED: Now is the time to renew or buy your PPC Membership. Help fellow like-minded Canadians - from all walks of life - who want a Canada that stands for Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility at all levels of governance. Help us defend the Constitution of Canada so that its guarantees are made fully available for all citizens of Canada.]

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