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Grassroots in Your Own Neighbourhood!


You will make the difference in Abbotsford, Chilliwack-Hope,
and Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon


There are many ways to support your local People's Party efforts to win the hearts and minds of your neighbours. Here are six ways you can make a difference.


The next time you decide to throw a party, consider having it outdoors. As the warmer months approach, it’s fun to take advantage of the nicer weather and dine al fresco with your favourite people. And when the temperature drops, get a fire pit and have plenty of blankets available so everyone can stay comfy.

Whether you have a patio, screened-in porch, or a backyard pool, you’ll be able to enjoy some fresh air and a wide-open space as you mill about and chat with your guests.


There's something about being outside with friends you enjoy that brings out the fun in people while hosting your local PPC Candidate.


Volunteering is self-initiated by choice, unconditional, selfless, sincere and with no expectations of monetary benefits in return.

It is characterised often by a lot of ground-level work due to various reasons such as constraints of cost and skill. In volunteering, no task is big or small, and it often calls for readiness to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal.

In today’s world, volunteering has its pros – networking, gaining skills, experience and exposure, access to jobs and the opportunity to officially associate with a cause or community. Volunteering is also a great platform to showcase our skills and expertise in front of the world.


Thank you for helping your Party restore Canada to Freedom, Respect, Fairness, and Responsibility.

You may donate to your district Candidate up to $1,675CAD per calendar year. 


You may also donate to the Fraser Valley Electoral District Association up to $1,675CAD per calendar year. 


And also donate to the People's Party of Canada National Office up to $1,675CAD per calendar year. 

Details and related legislation are available here.

Contact the Fraser Valley PPC EDA Volunteer Team

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