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In Your Neighbourhood

We believe that there is no single best way to reach out to neighbourhoods, no one event, no one answer. Every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact.


There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. Have an idea that’s not listed below? Reach out and let us know.

Watch the Mad Max Live show, host a potluck or BBQ, coordinate a local clean-up day at your local creek, or mow lawns in your cul-de-sac. We'll talk about how we can make a difference in Canadian politics at the federal, provincial, municipal, and neighbourhood levels.

Message On A Bottle Drive!

We are planning an ongoing public relations program to build awareness of the Party and your candidates at the neighbourhood level.

Its tongue-in-cheek title is Message On A Bottle Drive.

  • Who: 2 - 3 volunteers

  • When: Daylight hours, afternoons on weekends and evenings on weekdays for 2 hours or so, long enough to hand out a minimum of two cases of PPC-labelled bottled water

  • Where: Public parks, Dog parks, Hiking trails. Note that table set-up needs to be outside of the park and on public space such as a grassed section between the sidewalk and the park entry in such a manner as to keep park access clear for public foot traffic. It will be prudent to use the six-foot rule to reduce "COVID" complaints.

  • What: Host a folding table outside a park entrance and give out water bottles labelled with a PPC sticker that identifies the full Party name and invites people to go to our website to sign up for news and updates.


Such a small public relations drive can be implemented by local volunteers in each district, and in multiple parks at the same time if volunteer numbers permit.

This will give District Directors and their local volunteers a high degree of autonomy to schedule and participate as best fits their needs and goals.

Your District Director will supply the table, water bottles, iced coolers, branding, hats and t-shirts from their District Event Kits. Note: we would appreciate donations specifically set aside to buy 3 folding tables, probably 6,000 branded labels (2,000 in each of 3 districts), 6,000 water bottles (2,000 in each of 3 districts), 18 hats and 18 t-shirts (2 tables of 3 volunteers in each of our 3 electoral districts).

We will update you with the projected cost as we determine whether or not there is enough interest to implement the program. Volunteers are a scarce resource and worth their weight in gold, and we're looking for 6 in each district who would be prepared to commit to this public relations drive.

If you want to participate in this public relations drive please email with "Bottle Drive" in the Subject Line and give us your full name, email address, and the town in which you want to participate. We will connect you to your District Director who will lead the Message On A Bottle Drive in your town.

Message On A Bottle Driv

Neighbourhood Event Types

Mad Max Live Watch Party

PPC headquarters hosts a periodic live online talk show with (Mad) Max Bernier and guests. Shows are about an hour in length, and a great opportunity to show your friends and neighbours what the PPC is "going on about". 

People's Party in the Park

Coordinate with your District Director to hold a mid-sized public event at a local park. We'll arrange food, music, speakers, merch, and fun. Talk about Canadian politics at the federal, provincial, municipal, and neighbourhood levels.

Small Potluck

Host a potluck dinner in your home. Invite a guest +1 for a couple of hours of sharing a potluck meal and talking about Canadian politics at the federal, provincial, municipal, and neighbourhood levels.

Public Cleanup Day

Coordinate with your District Director to hold a park, roadside, or creekside cleanup event. We'll invite the public to participate and arrange food, music, speakers, merch, and fun while we care for our neighbourhoods.

Backyard BBQ

Host a backyard BBQ at your home. Invite a few guests and their +1 for a couple of hours of sharing a BBQ and potluck. Talk about Canadian politics at the federal, provincial, municipal, and neighbourhood levels.

Acts of Kindness Day

Host a neighbourhood Acts of Kindness Day. Mow lawns, weed flower patches, clean walk lanes, park entrances/exits, and generally look for opportunities to help folks who might not be able to help themselves.

Host a Neighbourhood Event! Contact Us Today!

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