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Jeff Galbraith

Director at Large


It is an honour and a privilege to be announced as The Peoples Party of Canada candidate for the federal electoral district of Mission-Matsqui-Abbotsford.

I was born in Nova Scotia and was raised and lived here in BC most of my life. Upon graduation in 1979, I served in the Canadian Armed Forces (Naval Division) until Honourably Discharged.

I am a hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding, blue-collar worker who has had enough of being taken advantage of by those whom we believed were supposed to do what best for their district.

Following four decades of working and volunteering in countless opportunities, I have acquired effective interpersonal and communication, analytical and decision-making, planning and organizational, and administrative and financial skills.

I believe that the political system in Canada is broken and is in need of a complete overhaul. Our federally funded institutions are out of touch and out of control. The established political parties no longer serve the constituents of their respective districts. Instead parties serve those who offer financial graft.

Canada is on a razors edge from either free falling into oblivion or rising back up as a nation of hope, opportunity and freedom. This future is yet to be determined by the people of Canada. 

The Peoples Party of Canada has within its reach an opportunity that none of the existing parties have been able to accomplish for decades. We can bring unity from coast to coast to coast and rebuild Canada to her potential as our home and native land, "True North strong and free".

”What man is a man if he does not make his world better”

Jeff Galbraith

"Question, does anyone recall any of the opposition party leaders in the People's House, prior to the implementation of the Act, taking a hard-line stand against the EA? So, what does this say about them and their responsibility to us, their constituents?"

"Canadians deserve to have the Freedom to live their lives as they deem right for themselves and their families and not to have those Freedoms violated by those who "promised" to represent them in Ottawa or any other legislature across Canada. "

"Due to disillusionment, and disenfranchisement being disheartened, some have, over time, decided not to vote any longer or have never voted. This may help in understanding why we are where we are, in our country, right now. When we have a minority turnout at the polling stations, this means that the minority are ruling the majority of eligible voters. "

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