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Elizabeth Drocholl

Director at Large


It is an honour to be announced as the People’s Party of Canada candidate for the district of Chilliwack-Hope.

I worked for the Federal Government for 25 years in the Correctional Service of Canada as a Correctional Program Officer. I have enjoyed working with inmates in the institutions for twenty years of my career and helping the men to make changes in their lives, in order to reduce recidivism and help them become contributing members of society.

For the past 9 years of my career in the federal public service, I facilitated staff training for other government agencies with the Joint Learning Program (JLP), with the focus being on Mental Health awareness and discussions. In 2016, I was awarded the Exemplary Service Award. I recently retired from the Federal Public Service in March 2022.

I have chosen to be part of the People’s Party in Canada to be a voice for people and to take a stand for our Constitutional rights. My desire is to represent the constituents of Chilliwack and Hope and bring forward local issues to the federal level.

I recently moved to the Chilliwack area and enjoy this community and the beauty it has to offer. I believe in the vision Maxime Bernier has for this country and I am honoured to stand with him to offer the constituents of this area a voice of positive change and one that demonstrates the necessity of freedom, respect, fairness and responsibility.

Elizabeth Drocholl

"I am shocked that a judge actually took a stand and made this decision. I am guessing he is not on Trudeau’s payroll. Who is this man who had the courage and fortitude to stand against the narrative of Trudeau and his cronies?"

"There are many Canadians who have not heard of this party and what it stands for. The more we talk about it and inform others, the more our chances increase of having sitting MPs after the next election."

"In relation to critical race theory, all parties supported Bill C-4, except the PPC. Maxime has spoken out about this continually. He is opposed to minors being allowed to make such life-altering decisions."

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