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Your Fraser Regional Association


Paraphrased from the People's Party of Canada EDA Manual, 2018

The People's Party of Canada Fraser Valley Regional Association (PPC FVRA) is the executive and administrative arm of the PPC at the district level. The FVRA promotes the party and supports the activities of PPC candidates in three neighbouring districts comprising the Fraser Valley Region. It operates from Hope north to Boston Bar, Mission north to Skookumchuck, Chilliwack west to Abbotsford... and now west again to include South Langley.

An electoral district, more commonly referred to as a constituency or riding, is a geographical zone with boundaries based on population. It is the building block on which Canada’s representative democracy is built. Each electoral district is made up of roughly 80,000 eligible voters and there are currently 338 electoral districts from coast to coast to coast.

Just as electoral districts are the building blocks of Canadian democracy, an electoral district association (EDA) is the local building block of the Party infrastructure, a franchise so to speak. It plays an integral role in electoral success at the district level as it engages with its constituents year-round and supports candidates during the election period.

An Electoral District Association (EDA) is an organization of party members residing in a certain electoral district that acts as the party infrastructure at the local level. EDAs are legal entities that must comply with legislation and by-laws set out by Elections Canada in the Canada Elections Act.

As a party directly representing the best interests of all Canadians, the PPC functions in a decentralized fashion with Electoral District Associations taking on the bulk of responsibilities in local organizations and their respective Provincial and Regional Coordinators providing support. The main Party infrastructure at National Headquarters will provide guidance and direction.

  • Support and promote the principles, policies, and objectives of the Party

  • Raise money and organise finances to support the Association and the Candidate

  • Reach out to, and select a candidate to represent the constituency and the Party

  • Seek out and recruit new Party members and volunteers

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