Rob Bogunovic,

Interim President

Fraser Valley PPC EDA

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Rob Bogunovic

Message from the EDA President

It has been six months since the federal election, and a lot has happened. We have seen the largest social movement in Canadian history roll its way to Ottawa, and we witnessed an unprecedented smear campaign launched against the peaceful protesters, accompanied by incredible abuses of power by our Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

We stood up for Canadians, and while there has been almost no opposition to Trudeau by the other established parties, the People’s Party has not stood alone. We stood with the Freedom Convoy, and were proud to do so. We stood with Action4Canada, and with many other organizations who have collectively fought against tyrannical measures imposed by federal and provincial politicians and bureaucrats.

In parliament, the Liberals rarely seem to encounter opposition, but across Canada we have been building one. The People’s Party will continue to champion common sense policies that put Canadians first. We believe that, eventually, truth will prevail over lies.

Moving Forward

For Chilliwack-Hope, this period has also brought a lot of changes. Yale Gibson, who has been the President of our Electoral District Association (EDA) through two elections, is moving out of the riding and has stepped down from the role (he remains the regional coordinator).

The EDA is bringing in new leadership and preparing for the battles we know yet stand before us. We are building momentum. For those who wish to join us in these efforts, to stand with us in our fight for freedom, we’d love to hear from you.

When I got involved with the party back in October 2018, I knew we were running a marathon, that the race before us would be long, taxing our endurance and our perseverance, but that in time we would be joined by others, becoming a movement too large to ignore.

Rob Bogunovic
Interim President, Fraser Valley PPC EDA

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