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You can request a printed copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Canadian Bill of Rights.

  • Certificate: 28 cm x 34 cm

  • Poster: 46 cm x 60 cm

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Greater Vancouver AGM with Maxime Bernier and Kelly Lorencz. Photo story HERE.

Wrote, Elizabeth Drocholl, PPC candidate for Chilliwack-Hope, "I had the pleasure of attending the PPC Greater Vancouver Regional Association AGM on March 18. I represented our electoral district, Chilliwack-Hope. In attendance were Yale Gibson, the Provincial Coordinator for BC, Kelly Lorenz, the Lieutenant for Western Canada and the Territories, and PPC party leader, Maxime Bernier."

"As Maxime walked onto the stage, it was to a standing ovation for our brave and fearless leader. Maxime is also humble and stated that we are the PPC; it is not about him and we are doing this together!"


Read Elizabeth's article here.


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